Kick-off Questionnaire

Before we get started with the kick-off, I ask you to fill out the questionnaire below so we can get concrete during the session.




    What is the history of your business and how did it originate?

    What are the three most important values that best describe your business?

    What is your company's business concept?

    What makes your company unique?

    Why do you want to use social media?

    What goals do we want to achieve with social media?

    What social media channels do you want to use?

    What target audience do we want to reach? (age, character, person's goals, needs, hobbies, interests)

    What do we already know about the target audience?

    Who is the ideal customer? How would we describe this person?

    What topics are of interest to your company? What knowledge do we have that we want to share?

    What special dates or anniversaries are important to the company? (founding anniversaries, important milestones, employee birthdays or other momentous events)

    What kind of content would we want to share? (Tips, news, blogs, promotions, reviews, Q&A, interviews, facts or trivia).

    What style do we give the account? Do we build on the style or invent something new together?

    Plan your strategy call

    When you have completed the questionnaire you may schedule a call below.